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View away from Sydney Opera House

September 10, 2008

Sydney Opera House is an enchanting construction, and ends up on thousands of pictures every day (does anyone have a good estimate for that number?!). Much less attention is attributed to the street light just next to it. I like it.


Big Wave Surfing in Cronulla

September 8, 2008

No diving conditions today...

The forecast for the weekend suggested strong S/SE winds with 3-4m surge coming in from east. This type of conditions has a strong impact on almost any of the dive spots around Cronulla and the eastern suburbs. We decided to stay dry – for good reason, as I found out on Sunday. The weather was not as miserable and we went for a walk along Cronulla esplanada. The waves were certainly reaching a height of 4m, and a few guys on their boards were showing off. Quite impressive, I must say! I attach a few pictures. (more…)

Bare Island (#271, 10.1 m, 75′)

July 22, 2008

Apart from the SW wind we found excellent conditions at Bare Island. The water was 15 degrees, still reasonably warm, at least if wearing a 7mm semi-dry.
I jumped in with the crowd of ProDive and did my own little photoNudibranch dive. Two minutes into the dive I found a little octopus hiding in a small crack, along the east wall there were tons of nudibranchs, two PJ sharks, a second larger octopus…all there. If I hadn’t told Dan to start getting worried if I wasn’t back after 75 minutes I would have stayed forever… especially because I met the small octopus again, this time sticking its head out of the hole… (more…)

Night dive at Oak Park (#270, 7.3 m, 68’)

July 9, 2008

Reports by the guys at ProDive from their night dive on Monday suggested that we were going to find excellent conditions, and weAll alone... did indeed. The visibility was beyond 10m – I think this was not just the effect of my new mask… The entrance at the NE corner of the pool was perfectly calm due to W winds and the low tide, which we missed by only about half an hour. What followed was an hour of pure magic: great visibility, an amazing amount of fish and critters at reasonable temperatures of 17 degrees. I have never seen as many giant cuttlefish in one dive. I counted four, and two of them were hiding in the same crack, next to each other. I was really excited, maybe even a bit too much. The fiddling around at my strobe had the effect that I unlocked one of the buttons. With the strobe thinking that my main flash was a preflash only I ended up with a whole series of badly underexposed pictures. Nevertheless this could not ruin the moment. (more…)

Aroma Festival in the Rocks, Sydney

July 7, 2008

Yesterday the so called Aroma Festival took place in the Rocks. It was all about coffee, chocolate, tea and spices. I mainly concentrated on the coffee. Around 35 coffee roasters were offering coffees for a dollar a cup. There was no way to give all of them a try due to several limitations. At night when I tried to fall asleep (and before that to play snooker with shaky hands…not the best idea) I realised that much more coffee would have cost me the night… Apart from reactions of my body it was the amount of people which stopped me from trying more than five to six different brands. The great weather invited to spend some time outside and big crowds of people followed the invitation of the sun to the Rocks. All in all it was a very friendly atmosphere and despite long queues in front of popular coffee stalls everyone was very relaxed. (more…)

Shiprock night dive (#269, 14.9m, 51′)

July 2, 2008

High tide was timed perfectly an hour after work, and the strong wind warning was not enough to keep us out of the water. The water was very calm at Shiprock, and at least at the entrance itI'll keep an eye on you... also looked clear. On the dive we had visibility of maybe 4m, not great, but I have also had worse conditions at this spot.
We dropped down on the plateau above the wall and almost ended up on top of a stingray – the first photo opportunity of the dive! At least for me – after me placing the batteries wrongly on the last dive it was up to my buddy this time to bring along the empty housing, the camera was at home… (more…)

The Leap (#268, 20.7 m, 54′)

June 30, 2008

The water was dead flat at the leap in Kurnell last Saturday, excellent conditions for a drift dive to the Steps. Initially we had thought of giving Cape Solander a try (I have not been there myself yet, but definitely keen to change that!), but apparently the road to the pick nick area has been blocked by large boulders recently.
We jumped in from the lower ledge at the leap, and on the surface Diver at the LeapI finally got my camera ready, turned on the strobe…well, tried to. With still more or less closed eyes I had installed the batteries while having breakfast, and for once I did not check if everything worked properly. One of the batteries was installed upside down, and instead of a nice rig I found myself carrying a considerable rig to be used with natural light only. (more…)

Gordon Ramsay’s recipes at the Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney

June 27, 2008

I mentioned the show of Gordon Ramsay at the Good Food and Wine Show last weekend only briefly. The three course dinner he cooked in 30 minutes looked just too tasty as not to try it, and I gave it a go yesterday night. My recipes are certainly not exactly the same as I was working from memory. I can tell you though that the soup was marvelous, and so was the lamb. The pecorino in the salad gives this extra touch, and the mingled tastes of the balsamic sauce, the lemon, the onion etc go really well together. D’Arenbergs Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier 200X went well with the dish and added its part to a great dinner. The desert is awaiting judgment, we had eaten enough after the main and decided to postpone it to the weekend. I nevertheless add the recipe as I remember it, but beware, I did not try it yet…with these ingredients not much can go wrong though.

Clovelly Pool night dive (#267, 6.7m, 41′)

June 25, 2008

Southerly swell… we had hoped to prove the forecast wrong, but upon arrival at the car park at Gordon’s Bay we knew that this had been mere hope. The waves came in strongly from the south, splashing several meters high in the air when braking onto the rocks. Clearly an effect of the last few windy days. We decided to Octopusjump in the Clovelly pool on the other side of the car park. The opening to the ocean is facing SE, but the separating wall was reaching almost the surface at low tide and broke the waves down considerably. It still looked more like surfing conditions than being suited for diving, but we were keen and decided to jump in. The entry from the stairs was a bit tricky due to the waves and the low tide. (more…)

Seahorses at Lilli Pilli again… (#266, 5.8 m, 63′)

June 23, 2008

And yet another dive with the seahorses at Lilli Pilli… The forecast looked scary with wind warnings for the whole NSW coast and Sydney closed waters and predicted surge of 2-3 meters. I only learned today that the Leap had been diveable on Saturday – bugger… This piece of information was quite surprising for me as there was considerable surge off the beach in Cronulla already at 8 am on Saturday. In any case we decided to head off to Lilli Pilli and say hello to our seahorse friends. Look deep in my eyes...
The conditions were similar to last week – fairly good visibility, but lots of particles in the water. I was quite positive that this time I was able to get the seahorses in focus since I knew now that the macro focus setting is not saved in manual mode when the camera is turned off.
We stayed another hour around the net in Lilli Pilli baths. It took me around ten minutes to find a seahorse this time, at the end of the dive I had counted seven, and spent a lot of time close to three of them annoying them with the strobe. The main difficulty for me was to place the strobe correctly to avoid backscattering but still being able to light the seahorses which were usually either just in the net or dangling out on the backside of it. (more…)