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Bare Island night dive (#279, 7.9 m, 43′, 15° C)

September 30, 2008

Last Tuesday was time for my first Bare Island night dive (will try to repeat that experience tonight…). The conditions had been rough for days, and the one option to dive at Bare Island was the west side. We started from the boat ramp on the island itself. The visibility was only 3-4m, but good enough for a pleasant dive. We crossed the sandy bottom to the west and followed the reef further, eventually turning south around a corner and then south-east. Despite the low visibility I had a terrific dive. I spotted my first striped pyjama squid, took a picture of what I was told later were mysids (mysidacea), had a Port Jackson shark almost swimming into me because it was so excited about the modelling light on my strobe… Ok, I let the pictures do the talking now 🙂
Not shySurrounded by a thousand eyes


Oak Park night dive (#277, 9.1 m, 37′)

September 18, 2008

The few recent night dives I did with the ProDive crew took me usually to Oak Park or close by, and this week it was not different. Oak Park is a dive site I can dive many times without getting bored though, it offers so many possibilities! More by accident than planned we chose to follow the ledge taking off the main wall not too far into the dive, and that’s where we spent our time until we had to return due to a leaky Octopus and consequently considerable air loss. I love the small overhangs on the ledge, incredible what kind of critters are hiding there during the night. For the first time I also saw a blue dragon at Oak Park – a bit irritating though, as usually I don’t see any nudibranchs during night dives. In terms of photography there’s not much to mention. It was only my eigth or nineth shot (trying to get a cruising PJ shark into focus…) when my strobe run out of battery – my fix of twisting the japanese battery charger with a set of pliers has apparently not worked 100% yet :-).

Pete’s Point night dive (#275, 9.1 m, 41′)

September 3, 2008

I almost thought the fate of last week would repeat itself, but in the end I found someone willing to join me for a night dive. Gypsy, BradPort Jackson Shark (Heterodontus portjacksonii) and I entered the water at Pete’s Point aka Windy Point in perfectly calm seas. The aim of the dive was to find a distant reef Gypsy had discovered some time ago which no one else had been able to find ever since. We entered the water on the south side of the Point and swam straight out in easterly direction. (more…)

Oakpark night dive (#273, 9.1 m, 49′)

August 22, 2008

The night dive at Oak Park on Tuesday passed without much excitement. I had decided to go for a dive rather than an underwater photography trip and shot only two pictures. Quite incredible if compared to my recent dives since I got the new equipment! We saw a few little critters and at the very end I discovered also a moray eel. No time for pictures though as my buddies were disappearing in the dark….

Night dive at Oak Park (#270, 7.3 m, 68’)

July 9, 2008

Reports by the guys at ProDive from their night dive on Monday suggested that we were going to find excellent conditions, and weAll alone... did indeed. The visibility was beyond 10m – I think this was not just the effect of my new mask… The entrance at the NE corner of the pool was perfectly calm due to W winds and the low tide, which we missed by only about half an hour. What followed was an hour of pure magic: great visibility, an amazing amount of fish and critters at reasonable temperatures of 17 degrees. I have never seen as many giant cuttlefish in one dive. I counted four, and two of them were hiding in the same crack, next to each other. I was really excited, maybe even a bit too much. The fiddling around at my strobe had the effect that I unlocked one of the buttons. With the strobe thinking that my main flash was a preflash only I ended up with a whole series of badly underexposed pictures. Nevertheless this could not ruin the moment. (more…)

Shiprock night dive (#269, 14.9m, 51′)

July 2, 2008

High tide was timed perfectly an hour after work, and the strong wind warning was not enough to keep us out of the water. The water was very calm at Shiprock, and at least at the entrance itI'll keep an eye on you... also looked clear. On the dive we had visibility of maybe 4m, not great, but I have also had worse conditions at this spot.
We dropped down on the plateau above the wall and almost ended up on top of a stingray – the first photo opportunity of the dive! At least for me – after me placing the batteries wrongly on the last dive it was up to my buddy this time to bring along the empty housing, the camera was at home… (more…)

Clovelly Pool night dive (#267, 6.7m, 41′)

June 25, 2008

Southerly swell… we had hoped to prove the forecast wrong, but upon arrival at the car park at Gordon’s Bay we knew that this had been mere hope. The waves came in strongly from the south, splashing several meters high in the air when braking onto the rocks. Clearly an effect of the last few windy days. We decided to Octopusjump in the Clovelly pool on the other side of the car park. The opening to the ocean is facing SE, but the separating wall was reaching almost the surface at low tide and broke the waves down considerably. It still looked more like surfing conditions than being suited for diving, but we were keen and decided to jump in. The entry from the stairs was a bit tricky due to the waves and the low tide. (more…)

Oak Park night dive (#261, 7.3m , 61′)

May 28, 2008

little critter on night dive at oak park

Crab on nightdive at Oak Park Yesterday night I went on another night dive at Oak park. The conditions at Pete’s point were too harsh, we therefore went to good old Oaky. Initially we were five divers (amongst them a second Swiss diver – unbelievable, but he is the first Swiss I met in Sydney in almost 1.5 years…), but Matt and me were carrying cameras and we left the group after a few minutes of diving (or say the group left us…). There was a lot of small stuff around, and also a few cuttle fish, an octopus and some still awake fish… No pictures to prove that though, most of them look like taken in a snow storm. Backscattering. Am looking forward to the arrival of the strobe, it has left Japan yesterday night 🙂

Night dive at Oak Park (#257, 8.1m, 49′)

May 13, 2008

Finally a night dive again! People are getting lazy and I hear more and more that it is apparently too cold for diving now…come on, the water temperature is 18 degrees. Spanda agreed with me and we headed off to Oak Park in Cronulla. The sea was nicely calm, no wind, low tide. Everything perfect. Except for the fact that my spare torch is out of order at the moment and that my buddy’s torch fell to the ground and didn’t want to emit any light anymore. The divemasters showing how not to do it… we ended up diving with one torch. After all the moon was quite bright tonight!

From the entry point south of the pool we headed south-east over the kelp, hitting a small wall and following it for 25 minutes majorly in north-east and east direction. This ledge is off the main wall of Oak Park. We saw heaps of hunting catfish, and under an overhang we discovered a giant cuttle. Awesome! I wish I had been able to get a good shot of it, but the camera flash produced way too much backscattering in the rather murky water. We were compensated with a well hidden hermit crab showing her face on the way back:

After 49 minutes we stepped out of the water again. I don’t know why I had waited for so long since my last night dive, it is just incredibly relaxing to hit the water after work and float a bit in the dark!