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Oak Park night dive (#277, 9.1 m, 37′)

September 18, 2008

The few recent night dives I did with the ProDive crew took me usually to Oak Park or close by, and this week it was not different. Oak Park is a dive site I can dive many times without getting bored though, it offers so many possibilities! More by accident than planned we chose to follow the ledge taking off the main wall not too far into the dive, and that’s where we spent our time until we had to return due to a leaky Octopus and consequently considerable air loss. I love the small overhangs on the ledge, incredible what kind of critters are hiding there during the night. For the first time I also saw a blue dragon at Oak Park – a bit irritating though, as usually I don’t see any nudibranchs during night dives. In terms of photography there’s not much to mention. It was only my eigth or nineth shot (trying to get a cruising PJ shark into focus…) when my strobe run out of battery – my fix of twisting the japanese battery charger with a set of pliers has apparently not worked 100% yet :-).


Big Wave Surfing in Cronulla

September 8, 2008

No diving conditions today...

The forecast for the weekend suggested strong S/SE winds with 3-4m surge coming in from east. This type of conditions has a strong impact on almost any of the dive spots around Cronulla and the eastern suburbs. We decided to stay dry – for good reason, as I found out on Sunday. The weather was not as miserable and we went for a walk along Cronulla esplanada. The waves were certainly reaching a height of 4m, and a few guys on their boards were showing off. Quite impressive, I must say! I attach a few pictures. (more…)

Pete’s Point night dive (#275, 9.1 m, 41′)

September 3, 2008

I almost thought the fate of last week would repeat itself, but in the end I found someone willing to join me for a night dive. Gypsy, BradPort Jackson Shark (Heterodontus portjacksonii) and I entered the water at Pete’s Point aka Windy Point in perfectly calm seas. The aim of the dive was to find a distant reef Gypsy had discovered some time ago which no one else had been able to find ever since. We entered the water on the south side of the Point and swam straight out in easterly direction. (more…)

Oakpark night dive (#273, 9.1 m, 49′)

August 22, 2008

The night dive at Oak Park on Tuesday passed without much excitement. I had decided to go for a dive rather than an underwater photography trip and shot only two pictures. Quite incredible if compared to my recent dives since I got the new equipment! We saw a few little critters and at the very end I discovered also a moray eel. No time for pictures though as my buddies were disappearing in the dark….

Long exposures

July 7, 2008
Cronulla Rock Pool

Cronulla Rock Pool, originally uploaded by käptncook.

I finally got myself a tripod. Instead of going to bed after a late dinner I decided to test it, and the rock pool at the esplanade in Cronulla seemed to be the perfect subject, especially with the waves washing over it at high tide. I stayed for about 30 minutes and evaluated the possibilities of the Canon G9 in low light conditions. It performed quite well, but anything above ISO 200 is definitely excluded due to noise.

Oak Park night dive (#261, 7.3m , 61′)

May 28, 2008

little critter on night dive at oak park

Crab on nightdive at Oak Park Yesterday night I went on another night dive at Oak park. The conditions at Pete’s point were too harsh, we therefore went to good old Oaky. Initially we were five divers (amongst them a second Swiss diver – unbelievable, but he is the first Swiss I met in Sydney in almost 1.5 years…), but Matt and me were carrying cameras and we left the group after a few minutes of diving (or say the group left us…). There was a lot of small stuff around, and also a few cuttle fish, an octopus and some still awake fish… No pictures to prove that though, most of them look like taken in a snow storm. Backscattering. Am looking forward to the arrival of the strobe, it has left Japan yesterday night 🙂

Oak Park (#259, 9.5m, 60′)

May 26, 2008

Finally. The day had come to test the underwater housing for my new camera. Bulletproof it looks, and massive too… I was a bit nervous, even though I had done some preliminary testing in a bucket of water. But what would happen with increased pressures? After all the housing is designed to withhold pressures for dives up to 60m…
Last Saturday I jumped in together with Gypsy and her three open water students. A perfect occasion since I could just float along and care about my camera. Apart from seeing if the housing was really waterproof I also wanted to find out what I can get out of the Canon G9 under water and if the housing is limiting in any sense (I plan to purchase an external strobe in the next few days anyway, but I wanted to verify reports in some internet forums about shades in pictures from the lens port blocking the internal camera flash).

The dive along the main wall of Oak park was nice and easy, the visibility quite good (>10m). The drawback of the good viz was the fact that one could see all the other divers in the water, and there were many of them! We dived 20 minutes out, not quite reaching the second reef. On the way back I took it a bit slower, looking out for opportunities for macro shots on the way back, unsuccessfully though. The usual marine live was around without anything special. The students were amazed by the friendly blue gropers though.
All in all a nice relaxing dive assuring me that the housing is doing fine and giving me some comfort with handling this “monster” – it is far nicer to deal with underwater…
Comments on the camera setup can be found here.

Sunrise on a cloudy morning

May 22, 2008

Sunrise on a cloudy morning, originally uploaded by Roland Bircher.

This is one of my favourite photos of my recent early morning trip to Cronulla beach I have described a few days ago. I like the version with ratio 2:3 even better, but I tend to fill my flickr page with photos in the original (digicam) proportions.

Shark Island circumvention (#258, 11.6m, 58′)

May 18, 2008

Shark Island lies about 100m off a small beach in Cronulla. It is well known for the annual international bodyboard competition (well, it is not well known to me, I will have to check out the competition this year!). “Famous bodyboarding spot” and “good diving location” usually don’t go very well together, and it is no surprise that this dive spot can be visited only very rarely.
This morning the conditions were perfect. The island was nicely visible at low tide and there was virtually no surf due to the W to NW wind coming from the main land. We swam most of the way to the island on the surface to save some air and dropped down on the west side of the island to about 3m. Not surprisingly it looked very similar to Windy Point and Oak Park. We swam around the island clockwise. A channel with sandy bottom and reef boulders on each side led us to a depth of about 12m. We swam in easterly direction for a surprising amount of time. After 20 minutes we decided to cut over the reef and dive towards the south. The reef became more shallow, and on the SE corner of the island we were at about 3-4m depth, which didn’t change much on the east side. After an hour we had reached the beach again. The north side of the island is definitely the most exciting part about this dive. All in all it was great to jump in at a location different from the usual suspects…
The marine life is similar to Oak Park: Weedy sea dragons, small rays, schools of yellowtail, nudibranchs, blue gropers. Very likely there were also hidden cuttle fish and octopus around…

Sunrise in Cronulla

May 16, 2008

I am getting tired now… This morning I got up at 5.45, had a short brekky and drove to Cronulla beach. Again. Already on Sunday I had the same weird idea. Seeing the sunrise over the sea. And taking picutures of it. After talking about it for more than a year I have finally done it. Twice. Today’s excursion had a second reason apart from enjoying the beauty of nature. My friend Amparo is leaving the country for good on Tuesday, and I want to give her a picture of Cronulla beach for her bookshelf. Memories. I hope she is not going to read this before Tuesday…

Arriving at the esplanade in Cronulla a bit after 6am I was amazed by the amount of people being awake at that time of the day. Very awake. Running along the beach or in the sand, walking their dogs, having coffee… I went on the beach and enjoyed watching the surfers in the first morning light. It was drizzling at times, but I could not be bothered, it was simply pleasant to be outside. The sun sent her first light through layers of clouds around 6.40, and the sight was gorgeous indeed. On Sunday the sky had been almost clear from clouds and the colours were great indeed. Today the additional scattering due to the clouds and sections with light and shadow produced an even more interesting painting on the sky. I took a lot of pictures and will have find the good ones tonight or tomorrow. Once done I will put them on Flickr, here is a first example: