Sony DSC-P200, Ikelite housing #6112.20

I used this setup on just a bit more than 100 dives in depths between very shallow to 60m, in lakes and rivers as well as in the ocean, jumped in the water from boats and ledges from heights well above 2m. I had a problem a single time, when the lens fogged up. All in all I was very happy with this system, and I will keep it as a backup on my shelf.

I used the camera in program mode. The standard parameters were the following: film speed ISO100, exposure correction -0.7eV, center focus and center weighed average metering mode. I played around a bit with custom white balances, but generally macro shots were ok with automatic white balance, and for wide angle shots I had to use photoshop to recover the colours. I liked the shots I got, especially close-ups. Some examples are shown on flickr, for photo dates before 15 Mai 2008.

By the way, the sheet of paper in the housing is my personal replacement for the lost diffuser provided by Ikelite… I didn’t fix it other than with the standard spring positioning it on the lens port – and in very surgy conditions this is possibly be not enough, as I was able to prove…


2 Responses to “Sony DSC-P200, Ikelite housing #6112.20”

  1. Susan Larson Says:

    Thanks for publishing your P200 settings. I’m new into underwater photography and am using this same setup and couldn’t find any info on setting that worked–until now! Off to try my luck in Mexico.

    Also, love your photos!


    • swissinoz Says:

      Thanks Susan!

      I used this little camera with its massive housing for a fair bit of time, and at the time it was a good option to get a feeling about underwater photography and to take a few nice shots. The system is fairly limited though and doesn’t allow much manual control. But it is well possible to bring some great memories back to the surface!

      Mmmh, Mexico, I wish… happy shooting!


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