Canon G9 Underwater Photo Gallery

I thought I provide a page of sample pictures for a quick overview of what the Canon G9 can do underwater (last update 29 May 2009 – for more recent photographs please visit my Flickr page).
The camera setup used for these underwater shots and standard settings are described here (to sum it up: Canon G9, Ikelite housing, single Inon Z240 strobe). Many of the photos are linked to my flickr-account. The EXIF is accessible on Flickr and provides more information on the settings used for each photo.
The content of this page is copyrighted, but please pass me a line at roland(dot)bircher(at)gmx(dot)net for any inquiries.

False SunburstOn the summit!Pineapple FishCalamari Squid revisitedGiant CuttlefishGiant CuttlefishCalamari SquidWho's going to blink first?Hermit CrabGiant CuttlefishCamouflageExploring the worldSkunk ClownfishFinally back in the water!Porcupine fish chasing old wifesCuttle pairMating Ceratosoma amoena with egg spiralChromodoris splendidaHalf-banded seaperchCompass NavigationWeedy Seadragon with EggsSeahorseSeahorse love...CuttlefishThis is MY camera-)Funny spikes (Polycera capensis)Caught in the actnudibranch - Dendrodoris denisoni?Jellyfishglance over the "shoulder"Not shySurrounded by a thousand eyesDamn, he saw me...Scared of sharks?Blue dragon (pteraeolidia ianthina)Port Jackson Shark (Heterodontus portjacksonii)Moray EelTiny Nudibranch (pteraeolidia ianthina)ScorpionfishNudibranch (Jorunna sp.)Weedy seadragonGloomy OctopusWhat, me??Nudibranch (pteraeolidia ianthina)All alone...Giant cuttleTime to sleepCeratosoma amoenumI'll keep an eye on you...Giant cuttleDiver at the LeapOctopusOctopusLook deep in my eyes...Nudibranch (Ceratosoma amoenum) at Bare IslandBaby cuttleBiscuit starNudibranch (Chromodoris splendida) at the Leap


8 Responses to “Canon G9 Underwater Photo Gallery”

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  6. Ben Says:


    You are mastering your G9. What a wonderful collection of photos. I hope to have a similar set-up one day, only I am looking at the Ikelite ds161 Video on the occasion I want to experiment with the video clips mode on the G9. What photo software are you using, and are you using the RAW mode? Thank you for sharing. I aspire to one day get some quality shots like you.

    Fort Wayne, IN, USA

    • swissinoz Says:

      Thanks a lot for your kind words Ben! I am just back from some awesome diving/underwater photographing in Bali, hopefully there are finally some more recent shots to be added to the gallery…
      I always shoot RAW, a clear plus for underwater pictures. I usually do some tonal curve adjustments and removal of the odd particle in the frame by photoshop.
      I have not captured many videos yet with the G9, I usually only remember later that it would have been a good idea ;-). The quality was ok, but I never even set a proper white balance before recording.
      The Ikelite DS160 is certainly an excellent strobe, and I am wondering how the video light on the DS161 is going to rate. I take it for the G9 it should definitely do the job. I would have loved to use an Ikelite strobe in my setup, but after all their price in Australia was simply not competitive compared to the INON.


  7. Michael Ashworth Says:


    Great photos. I have recently my first photography trip to Egypt and have also been using the G9. I posted some of my results on: . Not managed to get my shots quite as colourful as yours but it is a start 🙂

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