My underwater camera setup

I started with underwater photography in 2005. The camera I had at hand was a Sony DSC-P200 point and shoot. The choice of housing was easy, as at the moment of purchase the only one available was the model from Ikelite. I was very happy with that setup, it allowed to take nice macro shots with the internal flash and also wide angle type shots in ambient light. The housing was virtually bulletproof and rated to 60m, which allowed me to dive the SS President Coolidge in Vanuatu without second thoughts. Recently I started getting more involved in underwater photography, and more and more I wished for additional camera parameters, namely aperture and shutter priority settings. Additionally triggered by a few dark spots appearing on my photos depending on the ambient light when taking the shot (I got quite good at removing them in photoshop…) I decided to change my underwater photo equipment. An expensive task, but I am sure it is going to be worth the money. After reading some reviews and talking to experienced photographers I decided on the Canon G9, and having used an learned to like the Ikelite housing before there was just one choice for me. Additionally I also purchased a strobe, the Inon Z240.

The two settings are described on the following pages:


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