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Good Food and Wine Show, Sydney exhibition center

June 23, 2008

I had been looking forward to the good food and wine festival in the exhibition centre in Sydney for more than a year, since I found out after my visit of the same event in Melbourne last year that there is also an instance in Sydney. Good food, wine, can it get any better?
I must admit that this year skipped the food almost entirely and fully concentrated on the wine. Wineries from all the important wine regions of this country were offering tastings of their products. I tasted a considerable number of red wines and later on the tasting became more of a wine drinking session, which was only interrupted by half an hour of Gordon Ramsey in the Diners Club theatre. Rather atypically not more than a few swear words passed his lips. I enjoyed the short show, and the prepared lamb on salad bed with soup and the desert prepared from old brioche, egg and passion fruit looked very appealing – not only because I was quite hungry at that stage. (more…)