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Winery tour Hunter Valley

July 22, 2008

On our trip to the Hunter Valley and Nelson Bay a week ago we went on a winery tour with “Aussie Wine Tours”. The small tour bus was filled to the last place. The plan for the day was to visit Brokenwood, Ivanhoe, Briar Ridge, Iron Gate and Kevin Sobels with lunch inbetween and a trip to the chocolate and cheese factories at the end.
Brokenwood offered a tasting of a broad range of their low to medium budget wines. I was surprised to find Italian type wines. (more…)


Paprika Chicken

July 22, 2008

A simple dinner, quickly prepared and very tasty with a glass of red…

serves four:
2 red capsicum
800g chicken breast, cut in stripes
1 tbsp tomato purée
1 red onion, diced
2 cloves of garlic, pressed through a garlic press
1 hot chili, cut in thin stripes
2 dl white wine
2 dl chicken stock
1 bunch continental parsley, cut

Quarter the capsicum, remove the interior and boil in water until soft. In the meantime cut the chicken breast in slices and fry in some butter. Put the chicken aside and add paprika, salt and pepper. Use the same pan to fry the diced onion and the garlic. Add the tomato purée and fry until its colour gets darker (not too dark, otherwise it develops a bitter taste). (more…)

Aroma Festival in the Rocks, Sydney

July 7, 2008

Yesterday the so called Aroma Festival took place in the Rocks. It was all about coffee, chocolate, tea and spices. I mainly concentrated on the coffee. Around 35 coffee roasters were offering coffees for a dollar a cup. There was no way to give all of them a try due to several limitations. At night when I tried to fall asleep (and before that to play snooker with shaky hands…not the best idea) I realised that much more coffee would have cost me the night… Apart from reactions of my body it was the amount of people which stopped me from trying more than five to six different brands. The great weather invited to spend some time outside and big crowds of people followed the invitation of the sun to the Rocks. All in all it was a very friendly atmosphere and despite long queues in front of popular coffee stalls everyone was very relaxed. (more…)

Pumpkin Soup with Smoked Salmon

July 5, 2008

I just got up from dinner. Just something quick tonight, but still giving me the feeling of having had a tasty meal. Just to mention this before even getting started with the recipe: the combination of pumpkin soup and smoked salmon might sound a bit odd, but try it and judge afterwards. I came across pumpkin soup with smoked trout fillets in a great restaurant back home in Switzerland, and after initial doubts I enjoyed a wonderful meal! The substitution with smoked salmon works well too. The soup is also tasty without fish if you don’t like this thought at all.

Gordon Ramsay’s recipes at the Good Food and Wine Show in Sydney

June 27, 2008

I mentioned the show of Gordon Ramsay at the Good Food and Wine Show last weekend only briefly. The three course dinner he cooked in 30 minutes looked just too tasty as not to try it, and I gave it a go yesterday night. My recipes are certainly not exactly the same as I was working from memory. I can tell you though that the soup was marvelous, and so was the lamb. The pecorino in the salad gives this extra touch, and the mingled tastes of the balsamic sauce, the lemon, the onion etc go really well together. D’Arenbergs Laughing Magpie Shiraz Viognier 200X went well with the dish and added its part to a great dinner. The desert is awaiting judgment, we had eaten enough after the main and decided to postpone it to the weekend. I nevertheless add the recipe as I remember it, but beware, I did not try it yet…with these ingredients not much can go wrong though.

Good Food and Wine Show, Sydney exhibition center

June 23, 2008

I had been looking forward to the good food and wine festival in the exhibition centre in Sydney for more than a year, since I found out after my visit of the same event in Melbourne last year that there is also an instance in Sydney. Good food, wine, can it get any better?
I must admit that this year skipped the food almost entirely and fully concentrated on the wine. Wineries from all the important wine regions of this country were offering tastings of their products. I tasted a considerable number of red wines and later on the tasting became more of a wine drinking session, which was only interrupted by half an hour of Gordon Ramsey in the Diners Club theatre. Rather atypically not more than a few swear words passed his lips. I enjoyed the short show, and the prepared lamb on salad bed with soup and the desert prepared from old brioche, egg and passion fruit looked very appealing – not only because I was quite hungry at that stage. (more…)

Queen’s birthday long weekend

June 9, 2008

Given the miserable diving conditions and the not very pleasant weather there was not too much to do this weekend. I took the picture of Port Botany Bay below from my balcony this morning at 8. And went back to bed for half an hour after having seen how the weather was like…Port Botany Bay in rainy weather But ok, the weather on Saturday had been a bit better, and I went for a bike ride out to Kurnell. On the map I saw that there is another wildlife reserve just before reaching Kurnell, the Towra Point nature reserve. I thought of checking it out on the way, as it has water on its east side – this would allow to see and take pictures of the sunset with water in the foreground… Soon after cycling into Towra Point road I saw the official NPWS sign – no cycling, and I am not sure if entry to the reserve was even only allowed with a permit.Towra Point reserve - the road is becoming a lake I stepped off my bike and walked along the road. The road became more of a lake soon though – not a surprised after the rain during the last few days, this part of the reserve was marked “barrier swamp”. I did not attempt to cross this barrier but took a few pictures and turned around. I definitely want to check with the NPWS if there is a possibility to visit this reserve – it is so nicely calm out there, and wild indeed considering that it is just a few minutes away from the road! (more…)

Jazz and Shiraz

June 5, 2008

It is already close to two weeks ago that I visited the ‘Jazz and Shiraz’ festival at Dunningham park in Cronulla. A few food stalls, some nice (and also less nice) Jazz performances and some wineries offering their products for degustation. The one thing I will remember from this event is the ‘Back Block’ Shiraz from Petersons in the Hunter Valley, NSW. I tasted the 2004 vintage. One or two classes above any other wine I tried that day. 50$ are certainly a proud price, but worth it, especially if one has the opportunity to cellar the wine for a few years.