Pete’s Point aka Windy Point (#280, 12 m, 57′, 15 °C)

Pete’s Point (Windy Point) in Cronulla is the small brother of the Oak Park dive site. The reef to the south-east eventually joins withglance over the "shoulder" the second Oak Park reef. The parking is on Rostrevor St, three streets north of Jibbon St (Oak Park). After gearing up there is a small grassy patch leading to the esplanade, from there it is a short way down to the Point itself. The best entrance and exit is on the south side close to the very point from an overgrown sloping rock. What I like most about this dive site is that there is really a lot of terrain to explore. I think I never did the same dive twice here yet.
We started off in south-easterly direction, passing parts with rocky bottom and kelp forests. Once in a while we swam along small reefs with overhangs and large overgrown boulders. After 15 minutes we followed a rocky path to the east and ended up on a large sandy patch. I had never seen a weedy seadragon before around Cronulla, but there it was! Not too surprising actually when looking at the surroundings – sandy bottom with kelp forest close by, depth around 12m…
After this encounter and a few shots we swam back due WSW until we were back at the shore, there we turned north until we got back to Pete’s Point.
This was such a relaxing dive! Pete’s Point offers massive schools of fish, varying underwater landscapes and room for exploration. Apart from thousands of schooling fish and the weedy we saw a massive bull ray, PJ sharks, nudis…all there!


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2 Responses to “Pete’s Point aka Windy Point (#280, 12 m, 57′, 15 °C)”

  1. pierre Says:


    I found your website using google. First of all, nice UW shots. I’m considering getting a canon G10, and I’d like to hear what you, as a canon G9 user would think of the idea 🙂


  2. suzywalker Says:

    hehe – he’s very cute 🙂


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