North Bondi (#278, 18.6 m, 60′, 15° C)

There are still many great dive sites around Syndey I was not able to dive yet. One of them was North Bondi, and last Saturday Matt and I decided to give it a try. At 7.15 in the morning we just scored the last parking spot above the dive site. Whereas most of the cars there probably belonged to residents I was still surprised about the amount of people on Bondi Beach or in close by cafes at that time of the day.
We geared up and entered the water on a spot SW on the platform as the obvious entry straight south seemed to be a bit too rough. We swam a few meters off the wall and dropped down. Considering the distances covered on this dive I would probably snorkel out another 30 m before dropping down the next time. Diving south along big boulders we enjoyed reasonable visibility. This changed drastically once we dropped down to the sand bed and started making our way east. We hit what looked like a wall of particles, and that was it in terms of visibility for the rest of the dive… We swam along the sand bed with walls and boulders to our left. After 25 minutes we turned around and it took us another 35 minutes to get to the exit point, a boat ramp on the west side of the point. It is definitely worth monitoring the air consumption closely on this dive!
The fish life we encountered was promising, with good visibility North Bondi would be an excellent dive spot. Nudibranchs of all sorts, weedy seadragons on the sand bed, cruising PJ sharks…and at the very end of the dive in the shallow areas we were circled by a school of yellowtail kingfish.
The next time we dive here we will make sure that we have indications of where to find the caves and long swim-throughs, but even without and with bad visibility it is clear that this dive site has a lot to offer.


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