Pete’s Point night dive (#275, 9.1 m, 41′)

I almost thought the fate of last week would repeat itself, but in the end I found someone willing to join me for a night dive. Gypsy, BradPort Jackson Shark (Heterodontus portjacksonii) and I entered the water at Pete’s Point aka Windy Point in perfectly calm seas. The aim of the dive was to find a distant reef Gypsy had discovered some time ago which no one else had been able to find ever since. We entered the water on the south side of the Point and swam straight out in easterly direction. After 10 minutes Gypsy decided that the surroundings did not look similar to what she remembered and we turned back west and then in roughly southerly direction towards Oak park, following a small ledge. On the way I saw a lazy PJ shark. We turned around after a while, back along the ledge and a bit further, then east again following a larger ledge. I enjoyed this section of the dive, swimming between large boulders, looking into cracks and crevices. Just after turning back west to swim back to shore Brad discovered a spotted wobbegong, and on our way we were almost swum over by another PJ shark. All in all a rather chaotic dive in terms of the pattern we swum, but it was very enjoyable indeed and was actually a nice overview of what this spot has to offer. Almost every dive I did there had something special to offer…


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