Shark Point (#274, 16.5 m, 53′)

It is hard to believe, but it took me 1.5 years in Sydney to finally dive Shark Point in Clovelly. The spot is considered as one of the best dive sites around Sydney. The sea has to be fairly calm though for a safe entry and exit.
Matt and I entered the water at the fissure a bit back on the left side of the point and descended fairly quickly to a depth of 15m. SinceTiny Nudibranch (pteraeolidia ianthina) Matt had not dived the spot too often himself we stayed rather shallow, making sure that we would arrive at the exit on the other side of the point with a conservative air reserve left in our tanks. The visibility was rather disappointing with a lot of heavy particles present. It looked as if the seas had been rough the last few days.
From the entry we swam roughly towards south with a wall at our right shoulder. The first thing I discovered was a coloured particle whichMoray Eel turned out to be a nudibranch. I have never seen a blue devil as small as that. Cute! It landed on Matt’s glove and wouldn’t want to let go anymore. He finally convinced it to change location and find a spot on he wall. We swam further south along the wall and after 15 minutes we to turn west and to follow a crack leading to a depth of about 8m. A wall (likely to be the main massive of the Point itself) was heading off NW, we kept following some boulders and small ledges further west. After 45 minutes we surfaced to have a look at the conditions at the exit – which was a fair bit north of our present position. The rest of the dive we swam due north, passing boulders and kelp beds. The conditions at the exit were a bit rough, but the sloppy rock platform at the exit was overgrown and nicely soft.
Despite the limited visibility (I had to start shooting macros rather than practicing wide angle shots as intended) the dive made clear that this site has a lot of potential. I have only seen a small fraction of the whole spot, and I will definitely be back to explore it more.


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