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Canon G9 Underwater Photo Gallery

August 26, 2008

For those of you looking for sample pictures to evaluate the Canon G9 performance underwater:

– I have put a collection of recent shots on a separate page.
– my camera setup and the settings I use can be found on this page


Oakpark night dive (#273, 9.1 m, 49′)

August 22, 2008

The night dive at Oak Park on Tuesday passed without much excitement. I had decided to go for a dive rather than an underwater photography trip and shot only two pictures. Quite incredible if compared to my recent dives since I got the new equipment! We saw a few little critters and at the very end I discovered also a moray eel. No time for pictures though as my buddies were disappearing in the dark….

Encounter with a humpback whale at the Steps (#272, 11.6 m, 58′)

August 12, 2008

To state this from the very beginning of this post: the dive I did on Saturday will be one I won’t forget for my whole life. After almostOnce in a lifetime... three weeks of flu an cold I finally hit the water again (just to end in bed again the next day…), we decided to dive The Steps in Kurnell to hopefully take some good shots of the weedy seadragons. We found our first victim very quickly and got our cameras going. On the way towards the Leap we saw a few cute nudibranchs and while Matt was entertaining himself looking for seadragons I discovered an octopus and started shooting close-ups. (more…)

Koalas, Brisbane Ranges NP

August 5, 2008

Being banned to stay off the water due to flu and cold I have to concentrate on different activities. I spent a great weekend withStretch the legs once in a while.. my friends in Melbourne, and on Sunday we drove to the Brisbane Ranges National Park. We hoped to see koalas on the Anakie Gorge Walk. Many of the eucalyptus trees were black from a fire not too long ago, with new branches and leafs blocking the views to higher regions of the trees. We were already on the way back when we finally discovered a drowsy koala just next to the walking track.