Night dive at Oak Park (#270, 7.3 m, 68’)

Reports by the guys at ProDive from their night dive on Monday suggested that we were going to find excellent conditions, and weAll alone... did indeed. The visibility was beyond 10m – I think this was not just the effect of my new mask… The entrance at the NE corner of the pool was perfectly calm due to W winds and the low tide, which we missed by only about half an hour. What followed was an hour of pure magic: great visibility, an amazing amount of fish and critters at reasonable temperatures of 17 degrees. I have never seen as many giant cuttlefish in one dive. I counted four, and two of them were hiding in the same crack, next to each other. I was really excited, maybe even a bit too much. The fiddling around at my strobe had the effect that I unlocked one of the buttons. With the strobe thinking that my main flash was a preflash only I ended up with a whole series of badly underexposed pictures. Nevertheless this could not ruin the moment.
As usual when diving with Matt we did not make it very far along Time to sleep the wall of Oak Park – we were both looking out for subjects to ban on the memory cards. And there were many. Surprisingly I took not more than 40 pictures, the pleasure of being in the water surrounded by cuttlefish and a multitude of other species was too overwhelming. The only fish I I didn’t see was a blue groper, which is exceptional too for a dive at this spot.
On the last meters of the dive I discovered a small thingy swimming in the water. It was almost too quick for me, very hard to take a picture because I had to get close and the modelling light is not producing a large cone of light. I got some shots which are in focus, and photoshop helped me removing the visible backscattering around the creature. Only on the picture I could see the nice pattern all over the pigmy squid (thanks to Jim on Flickr for the identification!)


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  1. suzywalker Says:

    he’s really cute! thanks for linking to my blog 🙂


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