Shiprock night dive (#269, 14.9m, 51′)

High tide was timed perfectly an hour after work, and the strong wind warning was not enough to keep us out of the water. The water was very calm at Shiprock, and at least at the entrance itI'll keep an eye on you... also looked clear. On the dive we had visibility of maybe 4m, not great, but I have also had worse conditions at this spot.
We dropped down on the plateau above the wall and almost ended up on top of a stingray – the first photo opportunity of the dive! At least for me – after me placing the batteries wrongly on the last dive it was up to my buddy this time to bring along the empty housing, the camera was at home… We dropped down the wall to 15m, passed the bubble cave and checked out the boulders a bit off the main wall. There were a few cuttle fish, nudibranchs and other critters. On this dive I had the impression all the animals were trying to face me with their back only…no good angles for pictures. Instead of taking too many pictures we enjoyed a relaxing dive along the wall. I am always impressed by the bright colours on the wall of Shiprock, beautiful!


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