Clovelly Pool night dive (#267, 6.7m, 41′)

Southerly swell… we had hoped to prove the forecast wrong, but upon arrival at the car park at Gordon’s Bay we knew that this had been mere hope. The waves came in strongly from the south, splashing several meters high in the air when braking onto the rocks. Clearly an effect of the last few windy days. We decided to Octopusjump in the Clovelly pool on the other side of the car park. The opening to the ocean is facing SE, but the separating wall was reaching almost the surface at low tide and broke the waves down considerably. It still looked more like surfing conditions than being suited for diving, but we were keen and decided to jump in. The entry from the stairs was a bit tricky due to the waves and the low tide.
We snorkelled to the middle of the pool and dropped down on the sand, first reaching two meters and closer to the wall at the end of the pool four to six meters. In the shallow sections it was very hard to stay in control of the own movements, the general direction was given by the surge. We explored the rocks at the eastern wall and made our way closer to the opening of the pool. Closer to the end it felt like floating in an oversized washing machine, and soon after fighting our way back to the middle of the pool we terminated this adventure. The conditions were not perfect, but the sighting of two octopuses clearly saved my day. I had not seen one for such a long time! Both were very shy, I think the modelling light of my strobe was a bit too bright. Positioning me for taking pictures was governed by luck, I had to see where the waves were taking me. The second octopus was hidden behind stirred up sand on all the pictures, but at least I got some shots of the first encounter. No time to fiddle around much with the camera and strobe settings, I was therefore positively surprised by the quality of the pictures. I wish I had been able to lie down and take some shots from a different perspective though, the little fellas are well camouflaged…
I hope the wind is going to cease soon, apart from that the diving conditions would be quite good. This dive was my first dive around the eastern suburbs, and what I saw will make me want to come back on a nicer day!


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