Shocking diving conditions in the Shire

Well well, the idea of getting up early to hit the water was good, and getting up was not too hard with the sun just rising over the sea and no clouds on the sky. We had already given up on diving the leap because the sea had been very rough the last couple of days. Having a look from Cronulla beach this morning I could see the waves breaking heavily at the outermost point in Kurnell, the divesites there were therefore out of question. We decided to go to Lilli Pilli in Caringbah to take some macro shots of the seahorses. The conditions were…shocking. We stepped on the pier next to a few fishermen to check out the conditions – the guys were literally fishing in the dark, the visibility was not more than half a meter. I have not seen it as bad as that anytime in the last 16 months, not even after the big storm last year in June. We decided to check out Bass and Flinders, and on the way also Oak park (without much hope). At Oak park the surfers were out, and apart from the difficult entry and exit conditions the water only looked slightly clearer than at Lilli Pilli baths. Not surprisingly the same was valid for Bass and Flinders. That was it for the day, and it is probably going to take quite a while for the visibility to get better again. We will certainly check on it frequently.
At least the ristretto at the Grind was excellent as always, and this will keep me up and going for the next few hours!


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