Bare Island (#262, 9.1m, 60′ & #263, 14.8 m, 64′)

Hard to believe, but after more than a year in Sydney I finally did my very first dives at Bare Island. I either just didn’t go there or once there we decided to do something else (e.g. dive the container wall…). After todays dives I will definitely be back soon!

I jumped in with Matt, Mogens and Nina. Poor Nina was the only one without camera – I hope she could handle the very slow speed along the east side of the island. I finally got my strobe yesterday, and did some first tests on the two dives today. More about the testing of my camera setup here.
For the first dive we jumped in on the main land side of the bridge, dropped down and dived across the sand channel to the island. I was impressed by the wonderful colours, the incredible variety of nudibranchs and other marine life. We didn’t swim very far as we were taking a lot of pictures on the way. After 40 minuts we turned around and went the same way back.We started he second dive on the island, at a small and slippery boat ramp on the west side of the bridge. The first few minutes were not all that exciting, but once at the main reef we had a great dive. The visibility was a bit worse than on the first dive though. We followed the reef in W/SWdirection down to 15m, after 20min we followed a bed to the south and then back east. After 30 minutes we were cold enough to turn around. Again, we saw a lot of nudibranchs, shrimps and other macro stuff to test our cameras.All in all a wonderful diving day. Excellent weather, good conditions underwater and a dive site which is not by chance known as a favourite of many locals!


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