Leap to the Steps drift dive (#260, 21.3m, 51′)

On Sunday morning I woke up in time and decided to take the chance and to go for the second dive of the weekend. The Leap in Kurnell is one of my favourite dive sites in the region. The way to the entry point is a bit strenuous, following stairs cut in the rock, down the cliffs. To enter the water we usually jump from a rock platform (the leap…), depending on the tides the height of the jump can reach about 2m. There is no way back, the shortest exit I know is indeed the swim to the Steps, the exit point of the dive. So better do your buddy check carefully…

The Leap entry pointnudibranch at the leap

After a short swim away from the rocks we droped down and dove perpendicular to the cliff edge until we reached the sandy bottom at around 20m. We decided to immediately turn to the left – a short swim to the right there is a little wall with a nice sponge garden. We stayed down at around 20m for 10 minutes, following the boulders and the sandy bottom covered with some kelp. For once we did not spot any weedy seadragons, and no cuttle fish either. Exceptional. I don’t think we kept our eyes open wide enough…
We followed the boulders a bit further ascending slowly. There were a few gropers around and I also got the chance to try some macro shots with the new camera setup. As expected there is a shadow in the lower right corner, inflicted by the lens port partially blocking the internal flash of the camera. This justifies the purchase of an external flash (sometimes it is so easy to convince myself of buying some gadgets…)
We took the usual exit at the Steps – the waves help to get on a rock platform, and with still rather low tide present when we came out of the water it was even more convenient than usually… A nice dive without highlights, but hey, the reasonable visibility and the feeling of simply floating along the wall are good enough for me to go back anytime!

Comments on the camera setup can be found here.


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