Shark Island circumvention (#258, 11.6m, 58′)

Shark Island lies about 100m off a small beach in Cronulla. It is well known for the annual international bodyboard competition (well, it is not well known to me, I will have to check out the competition this year!). “Famous bodyboarding spot” and “good diving location” usually don’t go very well together, and it is no surprise that this dive spot can be visited only very rarely.
This morning the conditions were perfect. The island was nicely visible at low tide and there was virtually no surf due to the W to NW wind coming from the main land. We swam most of the way to the island on the surface to save some air and dropped down on the west side of the island to about 3m. Not surprisingly it looked very similar to Windy Point and Oak Park. We swam around the island clockwise. A channel with sandy bottom and reef boulders on each side led us to a depth of about 12m. We swam in easterly direction for a surprising amount of time. After 20 minutes we decided to cut over the reef and dive towards the south. The reef became more shallow, and on the SE corner of the island we were at about 3-4m depth, which didn’t change much on the east side. After an hour we had reached the beach again. The north side of the island is definitely the most exciting part about this dive. All in all it was great to jump in at a location different from the usual suspects…
The marine life is similar to Oak Park: Weedy sea dragons, small rays, schools of yellowtail, nudibranchs, blue gropers. Very likely there were also hidden cuttle fish and octopus around…


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One Response to “Shark Island circumvention (#258, 11.6m, 58′)”

  1. Bodyboard Love Says:

    I hope I can visit one day. I heard Cronulla has the best body boarding.

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