Sunrise in Cronulla

I am getting tired now… This morning I got up at 5.45, had a short brekky and drove to Cronulla beach. Again. Already on Sunday I had the same weird idea. Seeing the sunrise over the sea. And taking picutures of it. After talking about it for more than a year I have finally done it. Twice. Today’s excursion had a second reason apart from enjoying the beauty of nature. My friend Amparo is leaving the country for good on Tuesday, and I want to give her a picture of Cronulla beach for her bookshelf. Memories. I hope she is not going to read this before Tuesday…

Arriving at the esplanade in Cronulla a bit after 6am I was amazed by the amount of people being awake at that time of the day. Very awake. Running along the beach or in the sand, walking their dogs, having coffee… I went on the beach and enjoyed watching the surfers in the first morning light. It was drizzling at times, but I could not be bothered, it was simply pleasant to be outside. The sun sent her first light through layers of clouds around 6.40, and the sight was gorgeous indeed. On Sunday the sky had been almost clear from clouds and the colours were great indeed. Today the additional scattering due to the clouds and sections with light and shadow produced an even more interesting painting on the sky. I took a lot of pictures and will have find the good ones tonight or tomorrow. Once done I will put them on Flickr, here is a first example:


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