Night dive at Oak Park (#257, 8.1m, 49′)

Finally a night dive again! People are getting lazy and I hear more and more that it is apparently too cold for diving now…come on, the water temperature is 18 degrees. Spanda agreed with me and we headed off to Oak Park in Cronulla. The sea was nicely calm, no wind, low tide. Everything perfect. Except for the fact that my spare torch is out of order at the moment and that my buddy’s torch fell to the ground and didn’t want to emit any light anymore. The divemasters showing how not to do it… we ended up diving with one torch. After all the moon was quite bright tonight!

From the entry point south of the pool we headed south-east over the kelp, hitting a small wall and following it for 25 minutes majorly in north-east and east direction. This ledge is off the main wall of Oak Park. We saw heaps of hunting catfish, and under an overhang we discovered a giant cuttle. Awesome! I wish I had been able to get a good shot of it, but the camera flash produced way too much backscattering in the rather murky water. We were compensated with a well hidden hermit crab showing her face on the way back:

After 49 minutes we stepped out of the water again. I don’t know why I had waited for so long since my last night dive, it is just incredibly relaxing to hit the water after work and float a bit in the dark!


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