Finally, my blog…

It took me a more than a year away from home to realise that a blog was the best solution to keep my friends in Switzerland informed about what I am up to in Australia. Most of my posts will be written in English, but the infrequent used-to-be-email-updates will be replaced by post in Swiss German.

Main topics of this blog are my favourite spare time activities. Diving, diving and diving. And food, and wine. Photography at the surface (I got my new Canon G9 a few weeks ago) and under water (for now still shooting with the old Sony DSC-P200, but not to far from now the housing for the G9 should arrive – maybe with a strobe if my budget allows for it…) And hiking.

Feel free to comment, I love to hear from the other end of the world or from closer!

The initial idea for this blog was a different one. I started learning a new programming language, C#. Doesn’t sound like fun? Well, this could be the first step away from Chemistry and towards a future in a different sector. And having the written code available is the first step to prove a certain experience. Which I will do at times…



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